Bag or purse with leather base material favored by many people because it looks more luxurious and elegant. Price fashion products made of leather are also usually not cheap. Because the price is not cheap here, it would be a pity if your purse or wallet leather is not treated properly. Most products from skin requires special attention so that quality is maintained, still look good and last long.

But what often happens, the longer the life of the skin, the more susceptible the material is also of oil, dust and damage due to UV light which will further eliminate moisture. To care for the collection of leather bags and purses you, here are some tips that quoted from the Type F:

1. Materials For Cleaning

To clean up your collection of leather, look for cleaning materials that presumably would make your skin collection of waterproof and moisturize the skin material, as well as repel stains. You can find these materials from its own kitchen, such as vinegar, baking soda and olive oil. If you collect bags and purses branded, usually the seller will offer special products to cleanse and moisturize the skin material.

2. Basic Cleaning Made Leather Collection

Pour a small amount of hand soap into a microfiber cloth, then wipe the soap in a circular motion to your skin collection. The circular motion is useful to remove impurities from the skin layer. Use a little water to make it a little frothy, but not too wet. Afterwards, use a microfiber cloth to clean the soap (no need to use water) and wipe it dry. For materials such as leather shoes, do not use soap, but use vinegar.

3. Cleaning Stains

If stuff stains your skin, you can rub the solution of alcohol and water directly to the stained section. Or you can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove surface stain.

4. Special Material Leather Conditioner

To clean and soften the leather, mix vinegar with two tablespoons of olive oil, apply the mixture to the leather collection that you want to clean, then let stand for overnight and wash off in the morning. If you have a special conditioner for leather, conditioner and pour a few drops of olive oil on a microfiber cloth. Apply the conditioner on the skin surface and wait until absorbed completely.

5. What to Avoid

When cleaning and give your skin conditioner for material, avoid the use of products containing munk oil, petroleum oil, petroleum solvents, silicone or other similar oils. Substances contained in these oils can leave stains or even damage the leather. Also, avoid products that are potentially leaving a stain that is difficult to clean.

Before using tools such as cleaners and conditioners specifically handbags, you should do a little test whether the conditioner is completely safe and does not leave stains on the skin.

Caring for Your Bag

Useless when you buy designer handbags at a great price without having to know how to care for her. So that your bags are durable, have some tips on how to care for her.
Tips First thing you have to do is keep the bag in a flannel cloth or plastic. This is to keep the color and material of the bag that are not easily damaged. For bags made from hard, you should always be stored in a box.  
Tips Secondly, when not in use, the contents of the bag with a paper bag filler so that you do not change shape. Better not use newspaper because it will be running into the color of the bag. Use parchment paper or plastic instead. 
Tip three, if your bag has details or accessories such as crystals or rocks, should be wrapped in bubble wrap (plastic with bubbles) before it is inserted into the box. It is that these accessories avoid a collision or other objects depressed. 
Tips Fourth, you should do when your bags are stained, clean it with a dry cloth so that the material does not absorb stains bag. If the stain is difficult to lose, do not try to experiment. Immediately take it to a professional repair bag already.  
Tip five is do not waste your usual silica gel get when buying a bag. Silica gel can keep the moisture bags and not easy to mold. Keep always silica gel in your bag.  
Tips Sixth, remove the bag regularly in order to get some fresh air, so avoid mildew and musty odors. Remove least once a week and winds. Keep a bag of exposure to direct sunlight or the light so that the color does not fade.

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